Why Cystoliberin®



Its effectiveness is clinically proven;it helps the patient and doctor in lower urinary tract infections with its active components, which can be used in the treatment process or for protective purposes.
You can safely use.

Pathogenesis And Mechanism Of Action

D Mannoz, PAC

Prevention of adhesion to the mucosa
Bacteria reach the urinary system ascending, hematogenous or lymphatic way.
It clings to the bladder mucosa with adhesion and begins to multiply.


Prevent colonization
The bacteria that grows colony
and infect.

patojenez ve etki
Terphenes, Flavonoids, Pinens

Anti-inflammatuar, analgesic, diuretic effect
Infecting bacterial colonization causes inflammation, pain or burning.

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Safe for gut microbiota,
beneficial bacteria and vaginal flora


Its effectiveness in lower urinary tract infection
has been clinically proven

Ease Of Use

It provides easy absorption with its suspension form.
It is suitable for use by both adults and children.

Combined Formulation

It is the first combined formulation in Turkey. It provides fast and effective support for lower urinary tract infection with its multi-component technology consisting of 6 different ingredients.

Is Standardized

It has standardized contents. The amount of active ingredient is determined for each dose.

Does Not Cause Side Effects

It is suitable for long-term use. It does not cause antibiotic resistance.

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